For he knew him who would betray him, therefore he said, "You are not all clean."
(Joh 13:11)


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For he knew him who would betray him, therefore he said, "You are not all clean."
(Joh 13:11)

Bible Quiz Toplist for March 2021

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Gabriel (Shah Alam)288319Mar 9, 1:56am
2.Gabriel (Shah Alam)206735Mar 9, 1:53am
3.GARY (Huntington Beach)174739Mar 9, 1:29am
4.GARY (Huntington Beach)118960Mar 9, 1:27am
5.GARY (Huntington Beach)120757Mar 9, 1:24am
6.GARY (Huntington Beach)95770Mar 9, 1:20am
7.GARY (Huntington Beach)76776Mar 9, 1:16am
8.GARY (Huntington Beach)120258Mar 9, 1:13am
9.GARY (Huntington Beach)150249Mar 9, 1:08am
10.GARY (Huntington Beach)151948Mar 9, 1:06am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4621/Mar 3, 2:11pm
2.lee (East Hartford)4613/Mar 3, 2:32pm
3.lee (East Hartford)4592/Mar 3, 2:19pm
4.lee (East Hartford)4579/Mar 5, 11:37am
5.lee (East Hartford)4281/Mar 1, 2:12pm
6.Pete (Walton)3714/Mar 3, 9:54am
7.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3682/Mar 7, 8:24pm
8.Pete (Walton)3653/Mar 3, 10:27pm
9.Pete (Walton)3636/Mar 3, 10:26pm
10.Pete (Walton)3627/Mar 2, 1:36pm
11.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3560/Mar 6, 1:26am
12.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3510/Mar 7, 8:11pm
13.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3459/Mar 7, 8:15pm
14.dst (Bidbid)3251/Mar 4, 5:54am
15.Lee (Hartford)3220/Mar 1, 12:20pm
16.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3045/Mar 7, 8:21pm
17.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)3029/Mar 7, 8:13pm
18.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)2895/Mar 7, 8:17pm
19.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2883/Mar 9, 1:56am
20.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2625/Mar 3, 7:00pm
21.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2622/Mar 1, 2:14am
22.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2613/Mar 5, 7:45pm
23.Pete (Sunbury-on-Thames)2559/Mar 6, 1:27am
24.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)2514/Mar 8, 2:46pm
25.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2419/Mar 4, 10:40pm
26.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)2416/Mar 8, 3:11pm
27.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)2383/Mar 8, 2:39pm
28.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2371/Mar 5, 7:43pm
29.glo (Dar es Salaam)2362/Mar 1, 8:03am
30.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)2351/Mar 8, 3:19pm
31.glo (Dar es Salaam)2197/Mar 1, 7:51am
32.Pete (Walton)2189/Mar 3, 9:55am
33.GARY (Huntington Beach)2176/Mar 8, 1:15am
34.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2124/Mar 7, 8:15pm
35.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2067/Mar 9, 1:53am
36.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2024/Mar 7, 9:43pm
37.Gabriel (Shah Alam)1781/Mar 7, 9:46pm
38.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1775/Mar 8, 3:08pm
39.GARY (Huntington Beach)1747/Mar 9, 1:29am
40.GARY (Huntington Beach)1742/Mar 8, 2:16pm
41.GARY (Huntington Beach)1735/Mar 8, 1:32pm
42.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1638/Mar 8, 2:44pm
43.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1621/Mar 8, 3:00pm
44.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1579/Mar 8, 3:15pm
45.Thaq (Minneapolis)1569/Feb 28, 11:12pm
46.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1563/Mar 8, 2:53pm
47.Kruno (Maria Enzersdorf)1521/Mar 8, 2:58pm
48.GARY (Huntington Beach)1519/Mar 9, 1:06am
49.GARY (Huntington Beach)1502/Mar 9, 1:08am
50.GARY (Huntington Beach)1453/Mar 8, 1:09am