How do you say, We are mighty men, and valiant men for the war?
(Jer 48:14)


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How do you say, We are mighty men, and valiant men for the war?
(Jer 48:14)

Bible Quiz Toplist for February 2019

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1597137Feb 18, 7:28pm
2.alex (Springfield)672432Feb 18, 6:53pm
3.alex (Springfield)748397Feb 18, 6:49pm
4.alex (Springfield)1192239Feb 18, 6:44pm
5.Issa (Oistins)555479Feb 18, 6:24pm
6.Debby Stevens (Rapid City)795377Feb 18, 6:24pm
7.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1399177Feb 18, 6:10pm
8.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1270216Feb 18, 6:05pm
9.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1179243Feb 18, 6:01pm
10.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1545148Feb 18, 5:56pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.Alex Mattathil (Linz)5557/Feb 9, 7:11am
2.Alex Mattathil (Linz)5537/Feb 17, 12:17pm
3.lee (Hartford)5000/Feb 14, 3:32pm
4.lee (Hartford)4897/Feb 11, 3:11pm
5.lee (Shelton)4871/Feb 2, 11:56am
6.lee (Shelton)4778/Feb 7, 12:08pm
7.lee (Hartford)4772/Feb 15, 3:34pm
8.Alex Mattathil (Linz)4728/Feb 17, 12:30pm
9.lee (Shelton)4058/Feb 1, 12:21pm
10.peter (Shetland)3494/Feb 7, 12:47am
11.peter (Shetland)3490/Feb 7, 12:35am
12.peter (Shetland)3434/Feb 7, 12:51am
13.peter (Portsmouth)3337/Feb 3, 9:32pm
14.peter (Portsmouth)3270/Feb 3, 9:29pm
15.peter (Shetland)3241/Feb 7, 12:45am
16.Peter Rizzo (Miami)3141/Feb 12, 2:45am
17.christy (Delhi)3007/Feb 14, 3:50am
18.peter (Shetland)2958/Feb 7, 12:43am
19.Jaya John (Abu Dhabi)2949/Feb 4, 12:23am
20.peter (Shetland)2890/Feb 7, 12:37am
21.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2825/Feb 16, 2:39am
22.lee (Shelton)2796/Feb 7, 12:09pm
23.Kruno (Marlow)2736/Feb 7, 10:37am
24.Sigy Joseph (Chennai)2714/Feb 4, 4:49am
25.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)2686/Feb 17, 5:28pm
26.christy (Delhi)2674/Feb 7, 3:51am
27.christy (Delhi)2661/Feb 11, 3:30am
28.sanjay hughes (Noida)2647/Feb 5, 7:52am
29.Christy (Erode)2636/Feb 10, 3:59am
30.christy (Delhi)2579/Feb 11, 3:40am
31.christy (Delhi)2568/Feb 11, 3:37am
32.sanjay hughes (Noida)2532/Feb 3, 1:31am
33.carlton (Portmore)2474/Feb 9, 8:08am
34.SHYNA (Manama)2467/Feb 7, 4:37am
35.peter (Shetland)2453/Feb 7, 12:23am
36.sanjay hughes (Noida)2449/Feb 13, 2:43am
37.SHYNA (Manama)2439/Feb 7, 7:21am
38.RAJESH BABU (Bangalore)2405/Feb 4, 4:10am
39.SHYNA (Manama)2388/Feb 7, 1:02am
40.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2377/Feb 15, 4:41am
41.SHYNA (Manama)2376/Feb 3, 8:05am
42.Raiders (Belle Glade)2368/Feb 5, 8:50pm
43.drb (Chicago Ridge)2337/Feb 1, 2:49am
44.Raiders (Belle Glade)2295/Feb 5, 8:46pm
45.Raiders (Miami)2281/Feb 14, 8:10pm
46.peter (Portsmouth)2266/Feb 3, 9:26pm
47.peter (Shetland)2264/Feb 7, 12:21am
48.peter (Portsmouth)2252/Feb 3, 9:35pm
49.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2232/Feb 6, 1:52am
50.Christy (Erode)2204/Feb 10, 3:53am