And in Ziklag, and in Meconah and in its towns,
(Neh 11:28)


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And in Ziklag, and in Meconah and in its towns,
(Neh 11:28)

Bible Quiz Toplist for July 2022

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Reena Mariyakutty Samuel (Riyadh)184932Jul 6, 8:40am
2.Herman (Rocky Mount)92270Jul 6, 7:48am
3.M J Arokia Mary Gracy (Chennai)143849Jul 6, 3:13am
4.Ganesh Gabriel (Shah Alam)147147Jul 6, 12:26am
5.Ganesh Gabriel (Shah Alam)99168Jul 6, 12:23am
6.Peter (Sheffield)339811Jul 5, 9:45pm
7.Peter (Sheffield)34229Jul 5, 9:43pm
8.Peter (Sheffield)138950Jul 5, 9:42pm
9.Peter (Sheffield)46990Jul 5, 9:40pm
10.Peter (Sheffield)74079Jul 5, 9:39pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4513/Jul 5, 12:53pm
2.lee (East Hartford)4427/Jul 5, 12:23pm
3.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3870/Jul 4, 12:26am
4.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3770/Jun 30, 8:21pm
5.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3668/Jul 3, 5:33pm
6.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3618/Jul 5, 7:54pm
7.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3579/Jul 2, 2:06am
8.Peter (Sheffield)3503/Jul 5, 9:22pm
9.Peter (Sheffield)3422/Jul 5, 9:43pm
10.Peter (Sheffield)3410/Jul 5, 9:21pm
11.Peter (Sheffield)3398/Jul 5, 9:45pm
12.Peter (Peterborough)3398/Jul 1, 1:51pm
13.Peter6 (Sheffield)3303/Jul 5, 12:25pm
14.Peter6 (Sheffield)3296/Jul 5, 12:44pm
15.Peter6 (Sheffield)3263/Jul 5, 12:47pm
16.Peter6 (Sheffield)3155/Jul 5, 12:15pm
17.Peter6 (Sheffield)3124/Jul 5, 12:28pm
18.Peter Rizzo (Doral)3112/Jul 3, 7:03pm
19.Peter (Sheffield)2951/Jul 5, 9:26pm
20.Peter (Sheffield)2894/Jul 5, 9:24pm
21.Peter (Sheffield)2849/Jul 5, 9:30pm
22.Peter6 (Sheffield)2674/Jul 5, 12:23pm
23.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)2629/Jul 1, 11:12pm
24.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)2626/Jul 3, 10:00pm
25.Peter6 (Sheffield)2597/Jul 5, 12:33pm
26.Peter Rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2569/Jul 2, 6:51pm
27.Eter (Sheffield)2456/Jul 5, 9:12pm
28.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)2182/Jul 3, 12:49pm
29.Kruno (Pinkafeld)2180/Jul 1, 5:22am
30.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)2000/Jul 3, 12:42pm
31.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1886/Jul 5, 2:03am
32.Reena Mariyakutty Samuel (Riyadh)1849/Jul 6, 8:40am
33.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1821/Jul 1, 10:58pm
34.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1815/Jul 3, 10:12pm
35.Kruno (Vocklabruck)1764/Jul 4, 10:32am
36.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)1705/Jul 3, 1:30pm
37.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)1616/Jul 4, 7:06am
38.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)1598/Jul 4, 6:59am
39.Lisy Rajan (Kollam)1588/Jul 3, 1:20pm
40.Peter (Sheffield)1576/Jul 5, 9:38pm
41.Michael W Smith (Dallas)1564/Jul 4, 8:00pm
42.Reena Mariyakutty Samuel (Riyadh)1546/Jul 5, 3:46am
43.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1524/Jul 3, 10:09pm
44.Peter (Sheffield)1510/Jul 5, 9:19pm
45.Oloye Oluwatoyin (Epe)1481/Jul 3, 7:00pm
46.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1472/Jul 1, 11:20pm
47.Ganesh Gabriel (Shah Alam)1471/Jul 6, 12:26am
48.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1468/Jul 1, 11:01pm
49.M J Arokia Mary Gracy (Chennai)1438/Jul 6, 3:13am
50.Peter (Sheffield)1389/Jul 5, 9:42pm