To him who alone does great wonders; for his loving kindness endures forever:
(Psa 136:4)


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To him who alone does great wonders; for his loving kindness endures forever:
(Psa 136:4)

Bible Quiz Toplist for October 2019

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.GARY (Huntington Beach)709502Oct 14, 2:26am
2.GARY (Huntington Beach)913453Oct 14, 2:21am
3.GARY (Huntington Beach)1962181Oct 14, 2:17am
4.GARY (Huntington Beach)1056423Oct 14, 2:13am
5.GARY (Huntington Beach)799481Oct 14, 2:08am
6.RJ24 (Gurgaon)917450Oct 14, 1:22am
7.RJ24 (Gurgaon)692511Oct 14, 1:18am
8.Jvsj (Coimbatore)996435Oct 14, 12:50am
9.Peter Rizzo (Miami)281135Oct 14, 12:32am
10.Peter Rizzo (Miami)279639Oct 14, 12:31am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4971/Oct 2, 5:24pm
2.lee (New Haven)4951/Oct 4, 1:49pm
3.lee (New Haven)4885/Oct 7, 3:47pm
4.lee (Simsbury)4662/Oct 2, 11:07am
5.lee (East Hartford)4593/Oct 1, 11:35am
6.lee (New Haven)4213/Oct 5, 4:13pm
7.Pete (Newton Abbot)3577/Oct 9, 12:30pm
8.Pete (London)3576/Sep 30, 7:38pm
9.Pete (London)3574/Sep 30, 7:50pm
10.Pete (London)3407/Sep 30, 7:45pm
11.Pete (Newton Abbot)3357/Oct 9, 5:57pm
12.Pete (Manchester)3286/Oct 10, 8:09pm
13.Sanjay Hughes (Noida)3235/Oct 11, 4:33am
14.Sanjay Hughes (Noida)3228/Oct 13, 8:10am
15.sanjay hughes (Noida)3126/Oct 5, 7:48am
16.Pete (Basingstoke)3062/Oct 13, 8:55pm
17.Bill Shultz (Riga)3057/Oct 11, 8:40pm
18.Bill Shultz (Riga)3055/Oct 3, 1:09pm
19.Peter Rizzo (Miami)3030/Oct 9, 11:50pm
20.Pete (London)2963/Sep 30, 7:40pm
21.Bill Shultz (Riga)2954/Oct 1, 12:12pm
22.Pete (London)2926/Sep 30, 7:35pm
23.Pete (London)2906/Sep 30, 7:47pm
24.Bill Shultz (Riga)2903/Oct 9, 1:04am
25.Pete (Newton Abbot)2898/Oct 8, 10:34pm
26.Pete (Thirsk)2888/Oct 5, 6:18pm
27.Bill Shultz (Riga)2887/Oct 3, 1:23am
28.Bill Shultz (Riga)2881/Oct 1, 3:44pm
29.Pete (Newton Abbot)2878/Oct 8, 10:09pm
30.Bill (Riga)2867/Oct 2, 3:54pm
31.Pete (Newton Abbot)2843/Oct 8, 10:12pm
32.Bill Shultz (Riga)2833/Oct 1, 8:15am
33.Bill Shultz (Dobele)2833/Oct 4, 6:08pm
34.Bill Shultz (Riga)2832/Oct 3, 12:57pm
35.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2811/Oct 14, 12:32am
36.Pete (Basingstoke)2808/Oct 13, 8:51pm
37.Pete (Newton Abbot)2802/Oct 8, 10:14pm
38.Bill Shultz (Riga)2799/Oct 2, 4:19pm
39.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2796/Oct 14, 12:31am
40.Bill Shultz (Ventspils)2795/Oct 5, 6:49am
41.Pete (London)2793/Sep 30, 7:34pm
42.Bill Shultz (Riga)2782/Oct 1, 8:11am
43.Bill Shultz (Dobele)2776/Oct 4, 6:02pm
44.Pete (Newton Abbot)2757/Oct 8, 10:30pm
45.Bill Shultz (Riga)2755/Oct 3, 1:53pm
46.Bill Shultz (Riga)2754/Oct 10, 5:16am
47.Bill Shultz (Riga)2734/Oct 1, 1:20am
48.Bill Shultz (Riga)2730/Oct 11, 5:46pm
49.Pete (Manchester)2709/Oct 10, 8:05pm
50.Luchi (Abeokuta)2701/Oct 6, 12:43pm