But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the judgment than for you.
(Luk 10:14)


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But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the judgment than for you.
(Luk 10:14)

Bible Quiz Toplist for June 2017

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Mark Lang (Arrowtown)1502457Jun 24, 9:42pm
2.Mark Lang (Arrowtown)2237223Jun 24, 9:38pm
3.Mark Lang (Arrowtown)1290554Jun 24, 9:33pm
4.Mark Lang (Arrowtown)853714Jun 24, 9:28pm
5.Feba sarah mathee (Ernakulam)1501458Jun 24, 7:24pm
6.Ogbu Ifeyinwa (Lagos)65910Jun 24, 7:00pm
7.Scott (Houston)719772Jun 24, 6:03pm
8.OBUZOME SHEDRACH (Warri)381866Jun 24, 5:57pm
9.Ross (Lafayette)1128628Jun 24, 4:04pm
10.Ross (Lafayette)1329544Jun 24, 4:00pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4835/Jun 17, 11:30am
2.lee (New Haven)4768/Jun 12, 6:55pm
3.lee (New Haven)4747/Jun 6, 11:27am
4.lee (New Haven)4735/Jun 1, 12:05pm
5.lee (New Haven)4685/Jun 24, 12:13pm
6.lee (New Haven)4661/Jun 7, 12:25pm
7.lee (New Haven)4647/Jun 7, 1:04pm
8.lee (New Haven)4646/Jun 19, 11:36am
9.lee (New Haven)4645/Jun 6, 11:20am
10.lee (New Haven)4636/Jun 19, 11:33am
11.lee (New Haven)4623/Jun 1, 11:55am
12.lee (New Haven)4620/Jun 22, 6:08pm
13.lee (New Haven)4620/Jun 13, 11:25am
14.lee (New Haven)4609/Jun 6, 12:11pm
15.lee (New Haven)4602/Jun 3, 11:50am
16.lee (New Haven)4597/Jun 10, 5:32pm
17.lee (New Haven)4583/Jun 3, 12:05pm
18.lee (New Haven)4566/Jun 5, 3:41pm
19.lee (New Haven)4565/Jun 1, 11:41am
20.lee (New Haven)4562/Jun 5, 3:24pm
21.lee (New Haven)4539/Jun 5, 3:42pm
22.lee (Stamford)4529/Jun 9, 12:45pm
23.lee (New Haven)4510/Jun 15, 11:58am
24.lee (New Haven)4509/Jun 12, 6:43pm
25.lee (Hartford)4503/Jun 16, 12:35pm
26.lee (New Haven)4494/Jun 3, 12:21pm
27.lee (Hartford)4433/Jun 16, 12:36pm
28.lee (New Haven)4427/Jun 10, 5:18pm
29.lee (New Haven)4400/Jun 7, 12:23pm
30.lee (New Haven)4395/Jun 1, 11:04am
31.lee (New Haven)4359/Jun 15, 11:39am
32.lee (New Haven)4036/Jun 17, 11:29am
33.lee (New Haven)3947/Jun 1, 11:55am
34.lee (New Haven)3903/Jun 22, 6:01pm
35.i imagine all you bible s (New Haven)3901/Jun 10, 5:36pm
36.lee (New Haven)3869/Jun 7, 12:09pm
37.lee (New Haven)3852/Jun 17, 11:17am
38.lee (Stamford)3736/Jun 9, 11:53am
39.lee (New Haven)3736/Jun 5, 3:23pm
40.lee (Stamford)3708/Jun 9, 11:33am
41.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3612/Jun 11, 11:40am
42.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3525/Jun 10, 10:06am
43.peter (Tarporley)3471/Jun 16, 8:31pm
44.peter (Abingdon)3425/Jun 12, 9:20pm
45.peter (Abingdon)3406/Jun 12, 10:31pm
46.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3403/Jun 5, 1:31pm
47.peter (Warrington)3402/Jun 22, 3:40pm
48.peter (Colney Heath)3386/Jun 16, 7:05pm
49.peter (Abingdon)3373/Jun 12, 9:10pm
50.peter (Tarporley)3371/Jun 6, 8:15pm