It happened, when the days of his service were fulfilled, he departed to his house.
(Luk 1:23)


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It happened, when the days of his service were fulfilled, he departed to his house.
(Luk 1:23)

Bible Quiz Toplist for October 2017

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Rakiya Agbeja (Abuja)1512219Oct 19, 10:57am
2.Nompulelo (Harare)1140301Oct 19, 10:17am
3.Nompulelo (Harare)363521Oct 19, 10:07am
4.isen (Ernakulam)740418Oct 19, 9:50am
5.Isen (Ernakulam)1020332Oct 19, 9:41am
6.simon (Abu Dhabi)531479Oct 19, 8:30am
7.simon (Abu Dhabi)1301265Oct 19, 8:01am
8.Ser (Dubai)1977146Oct 19, 6:34am
9.Sanjay Hughes (Gurgaon)1698193Oct 19, 2:37am
10.Peter Rizzo (San Jose)327213Oct 19, 12:56am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4676/Oct 2, 11:50am
2.lee (New Haven)4610/Oct 12, 2:51pm
3.lee (New Haven)4568/Oct 16, 4:06pm
4.lee (New Haven)4491/Oct 2, 11:16am
5.lee (New Haven)4461/Oct 2, 11:46am
6.lee (New Haven)4410/Oct 11, 11:33am
7.lee (New Haven)3911/Oct 13, 1:18pm
8.peter (Lowton)3419/Oct 4, 10:20pm
9.peter (Chepstow)3418/Oct 15, 8:52pm
10.peter (Thirsk)3390/Oct 2, 10:35pm
11.peter (Thirsk)3372/Oct 2, 10:33pm
12.prema (Bangalore)3309/Oct 13, 7:04am
13.Peter Rizzo (San Jose)3272/Oct 19, 12:56am
14.prema (Bangalore)3253/Oct 5, 5:40am
15.prema (Bangalore)3242/Oct 12, 7:34am
16.peter (Lowton)3238/Oct 4, 10:00pm
17.prema (Bangalore)3231/Oct 7, 7:17am
18.peter (Lowton)3224/Oct 9, 9:39pm
19.prema (Bangalore)3176/Oct 6, 9:34am
20.prema (Bangalore)3169/Oct 7, 8:15am
21.Berjin (Bangalore)3093/Oct 6, 11:58am
22.ran (Nacogdoches)3082/Oct 1, 6:32pm
23.Peter Rizzo (San Jose)3053/Oct 11, 3:46am
24.prema (Bangalore)3034/Oct 13, 5:26am
25.pete (Lowton)3024/Oct 9, 9:25pm
26.prema (Bangalore)3010/Oct 7, 7:14am
27.ran (Nacogdoches)3006/Oct 10, 8:50pm
28.ran (Nacogdoches)3004/Oct 13, 1:51am
29.ran (Nacogdoches)3003/Oct 16, 2:11pm
30.Peter Rizzo (San Jose)2996/Oct 17, 2:55am
31.ran (Nacogdoches)2973/Oct 10, 6:07pm
32.ran (Nacogdoches)2972/Oct 3, 6:25pm
33.ran (Nacogdoches)2959/Oct 3, 6:20pm
34.ran (Nacogdoches)2933/Oct 10, 8:47pm
35.prema (Bangalore)2918/Oct 6, 5:44am
36.Berjin (Bangalore)2887/Oct 11, 2:53pm
37.ran (Nacogdoches)2885/Oct 3, 6:17pm
38.Berjin (Bangalore)2882/Oct 12, 8:10am
39.ran (Nacogdoches)2864/Oct 10, 8:33pm
40.ran (Nacogdoches)2848/Oct 1, 6:00pm
41.Berjin (Bangalore)2843/Oct 11, 9:24am
42.ran (Nacogdoches)2837/Oct 12, 8:56pm
43.Berjin (Bangalore)2836/Oct 13, 6:55am
44.Berjin (Bangalore)2817/Oct 12, 6:04am
45.ran (Nacogdoches)2815/Oct 10, 2:02am
46.Berjin (Bangalore)2799/Oct 12, 5:47am
47.Berjin (Bangalore)2796/Oct 11, 6:51am
48.Berjin (Bangalore)2780/Oct 12, 5:58am
49.prema (Bangalore)2780/Oct 3, 7:39am
50.Berjin (Bangalore)2776/Oct 6, 12:59pm