Now who is he who will harm you, if you become imitators of that which is good?
(1 Pe 3:13)


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Now who is he who will harm you, if you become imitators of that which is good?
(1 Pe 3:13)

Bible Quiz Toplist for April 2021

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Deborah Uchombia David (Jos)661193Apr 17, 1:01am
2.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)152799Apr 16, 11:07pm
3.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1294128Apr 16, 11:03pm
4.Pete (Abingdon)1275132Apr 16, 6:13pm
5.Pete (Abingdon)377235Apr 16, 6:13pm
6.Pete (Abingdon)305226Apr 16, 6:12pm
7.Pete (Abingdon)921168Apr 16, 6:11pm
8.Pete (Abingdon)363013Apr 16, 6:10pm
9.Pete (Abingdon)1109148Apr 16, 6:09pm
10.Pete (Abingdon)321324Apr 16, 6:08pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4499/Apr 9, 3:19pm
2.thomas martin lee (East Hartford)4496/Apr 15, 3:37pm
3.lee (East Hartford)4428/Apr 13, 11:26am
4.lee (East Hartford)4362/Apr 6, 12:08pm
5.lee ,happy easter (East Hartford)4148/Apr 3, 11:59am
6.Pete (Norwich)3723/Apr 1, 9:26pm
7.Pete (Birmingham)3698/Apr 2, 8:40pm
8.Pete (Birmingham)3684/Apr 2, 8:53pm
9.Pete (Birmingham)3666/Apr 2, 8:47pm
10.Pete (Warrington)3660/Apr 10, 10:43pm
11.Pete (Norwich)3660/Apr 12, 2:01pm
12.Pete (Reading)3634/Apr 7, 10:40pm
13.Pete (Abingdon)3630/Apr 16, 6:10pm
14.Pete (Birmingham)3613/Apr 3, 7:50pm
15.Pete (Birmingham)3600/Apr 2, 8:34pm
16.Pete (Norwich)3596/Apr 12, 2:02pm
17.Pete (Reading)3588/Apr 7, 10:44pm
18.Pete (Norwich)3582/Apr 11, 8:26pm
19.Pete (Norwich)3571/Apr 11, 8:33pm
20.Pete (Reading)3531/Apr 7, 10:25pm
21.SANJAY HUGHES (Delhi)3512/Apr 11, 4:40am
22.Pete (London)3488/Apr 8, 11:12pm
23.Pete (Warrington)3479/Apr 10, 10:42pm
24.Pete (Abingdon)3213/Apr 16, 6:08pm
25.Pete (Birmingham)3068/Apr 3, 7:49pm
26.Pete (Abingdon)3052/Apr 16, 6:12pm
27.Pete (Reading)3032/Apr 7, 10:37pm
28.Pete (Norwich)3014/Apr 11, 8:23pm
29.Pete (Birmingham)3009/Apr 2, 8:24pm
30.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2757/Apr 4, 9:20pm
31.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2720/Mar 31, 8:47pm
32.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2682/Apr 13, 7:52pm
33.Pete (Reading)2616/Apr 7, 10:23pm
34.Pete (Abingdon)2600/Apr 15, 11:34pm
35.Pete (Birmingham)2569/Apr 2, 8:51pm
36.Pete (Birmingham)2553/Apr 2, 8:36pm
37.Pete (Birmingham)2535/Apr 2, 8:38pm
38.Pete (Norwich)2532/Apr 11, 8:25pm
39.Pete (Birmingham)2527/Apr 3, 7:46pm
40.GARY (Huntington Beach)2493/Apr 8, 10:01pm
41.Pete (Norwich)2483/Apr 11, 8:34pm
42.glo (Dar es Salaam)2468/Apr 14, 9:01am
43.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2454/Apr 9, 12:55am
44.Gggb (Cupertino)2443/Apr 10, 8:02pm
45.Ganesh Gabriel (Shah Alam)2385/Apr 14, 2:28pm
46.Sujatalondhe (Nagpur)2317/Apr 14, 12:51pm
47.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2294/Apr 4, 9:18pm
48.Pete (Birmingham)2287/Apr 3, 7:43pm
49.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2254/Apr 1, 8:33pm
50.Peter rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)2219/Apr 7, 8:09pm