I made myself pools of water, to water from it the forest where trees were reared.
(Ecc 2:6)


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I made myself pools of water, to water from it the forest where trees were reared.
(Ecc 2:6)

Bible Quiz Toplist for February 2023

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Petee (Leicester)36035Feb 4, 4:12pm
2.Petee (Leicester)45839Feb 4, 4:11pm
3.Petee (Leicester)73631Feb 4, 4:10pm
4.Petee (Leicester)56538Feb 4, 4:08pm
5.Petee (Leicester)141522Feb 4, 4:07pm
6.Herman (Vega Alta)64534Feb 4, 9:49am
7.Peter J Rizzo (Marathon)263911Feb 3, 5:04pm
8.Peter J Rizzo (Marathon)227014Feb 3, 5:01pm
9.lee (East Hartford)46152Feb 3, 10:54am
10.lee (East Hartford)46421Feb 3, 10:39am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4642/Feb 3, 10:39am
2.lee (East Hartford)4615/Feb 3, 10:54am
3.lee (East Hartford)4503/Feb 3, 10:37am
4.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3683/Feb 2, 1:19pm
5.Petee (Leicester)3603/Feb 4, 4:12pm
6.Pete (Warrington)3547/Feb 2, 12:32am
7.Pete (Warrington)3543/Feb 2, 12:39am
8.Pete (Warrington)3495/Feb 2, 12:28am
9.Pete (Warrington)3472/Jan 31, 11:36pm
10.Pete (Warrington)3304/Jan 31, 11:32pm
11.Peter J Rizzo (Marathon)2639/Feb 3, 5:04pm
12.Kruno (Linz)2583/Feb 1, 11:33am
13.GARY S. (Pomona)2280/Jan 31, 10:00pm
14.Peter J Rizzo (Marathon)2270/Feb 3, 5:01pm
15.Pete (Warrington)1955/Feb 2, 12:36am
16.GARY S. (Pomona)1768/Feb 2, 9:58pm
17.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1698/Feb 1, 2:45am
18.GARY S. (Pomona)1453/Feb 2, 9:49pm
19.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1444/Feb 1, 2:32am
20.GARY S. (Pomona)1439/Feb 2, 10:07pm
21.GARY S. (Pomona)1417/Jan 31, 9:53pm
22.Petee (Leicester)1415/Feb 4, 4:07pm
23.Pete (Warrington)1368/Feb 2, 12:30am
24.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1330/Feb 1, 3:00am
25.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1195/Feb 1, 4:29am
26.GARY S. (Pomona)1155/Jan 31, 9:50pm
27.Pete (Warrington)1154/Jan 31, 11:34pm
28.Pete (Warrington)982/Feb 2, 12:26am
29.GARY S. (Pomona)975/Jan 31, 9:57pm
30.Kruno (Linz)962/Feb 1, 11:30am
31.Petee (Leicester)736/Feb 4, 4:10pm
32.Herman (La Parguera)731/Feb 2, 2:41pm
33.Hazlb (Mississauga)681/Feb 2, 8:31pm
34.Herman (Vega Alta)645/Feb 4, 9:49am
35.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)634/Feb 1, 2:37am
36.Pete (Warrington)598/Feb 2, 12:27am
37.Herman (Vega Alta)597/Feb 1, 3:15pm
38.Petee (Leicester)565/Feb 4, 4:08pm
39.Petee (Leicester)458/Feb 4, 4:11pm
40.andrey korchachenko (Uzhgorod)436/Feb 3, 9:10am
41.Pete (Warrington)338/Feb 2, 12:25am
42.Pete (Warrington)316/Feb 2, 12:37am
43.Pete (Warrington)309/Jan 31, 11:29pm