But Absalom pressed him, and he let Amnon and all the king's sons go with him.
(2 Sa 13:27)


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But Absalom pressed him, and he let Amnon and all the king's sons go with him.
(2 Sa 13:27)

Bible Quiz Toplist for December 2017

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Lorease (Green Bay)407264Dec 12, 5:51pm
2.Job (Port of Spain)161780Dec 12, 2:34pm
3.lee (New Haven)448423Dec 12, 2:34pm
4.lee (New Haven)470110Dec 12, 2:13pm
5.Ser (Dubai)209152Dec 12, 1:47pm
6.Ser (Dubai)166376Dec 12, 1:45pm
7.K Beulah (Bhopal)235641Dec 12, 10:13am
8.K Beulah (Bhopal)162178Dec 12, 10:09am
9.KDS Prakash (Bhopal)162079Dec 12, 9:48am
10.R.nagaveni (Hyderabad)364273Dec 12, 9:22am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4876/Dec 7, 11:03am
2.lee (New Haven)4814/Dec 7, 10:50am
3.lee (New Haven)4779/Dec 5, 11:48am
4.lee (Shelton)4770/Dec 6, 12:12pm
5.lee (Shelton)4761/Dec 6, 12:28pm
6.lee (Stamford)4752/Dec 8, 2:25pm
7.lee (Shelton)4713/Dec 3, 2:10pm
8.lee (Shelton)4706/Dec 3, 1:58pm
9.lee (Stamford)4705/Dec 8, 2:19pm
10.lee (New Haven)4701/Dec 12, 2:13pm
11.lee (New Haven)4700/Dec 2, 10:52am
12.lee (New Haven)4697/Dec 2, 11:27am
13.lee (New Haven)4695/Dec 11, 12:51pm
14.tom (Shelton)4693/Dec 6, 1:59pm
15.tommy (Shelton)4678/Dec 6, 12:33pm
16.lee (Stamford)4676/Dec 1, 12:03pm
17.tommy (Shelton)4665/Dec 6, 12:32pm
18.lee (Stamford)4652/Dec 4, 1:37pm
19.lee (New Haven)4626/Dec 2, 11:11am
20.lee (Stamford)4624/Dec 1, 11:46am
21.lee (Stamford)4602/Dec 4, 1:42pm
22.lee (Stamford)4563/Dec 1, 12:27pm
23.lee (New Haven)4484/Dec 12, 2:34pm
24.peter (Warrington)3431/Dec 10, 10:49am
25.peter (Warrington)3294/Dec 10, 10:53am
26.peter (Edinburgh)3274/Dec 6, 12:27pm
27.peter (Warrington)3216/Dec 10, 11:15am
28.peter (Edinburgh)3169/Dec 6, 12:19pm
29.peter (Edinburgh)3073/Dec 6, 12:13pm
30.peter (Edinburgh)2949/Dec 6, 12:22pm
31.Aby (Dubai)2773/Dec 12, 3:51am
32.peter (Edinburgh)2755/Dec 6, 12:24pm
33.Binabati Harona Ranalai (Kenduadih)2753/Dec 3, 9:51pm
34.Aby (Dubai)2735/Dec 4, 11:32am
35.Jaya (Abu Dhabi)2676/Dec 3, 1:55pm
36.Raiders (Clearwater)2675/Dec 6, 2:41pm
37.sanjay hughes (New Delhi)2668/Dec 6, 9:42am
38.K Beulah (Bhilai)2570/Dec 4, 9:03am
39.sanjay hughes (New Delhi)2532/Dec 1, 9:03am
40.peter (Edinburgh)2522/Dec 6, 12:08pm
41.K Beulah (Bhopal)2356/Dec 12, 10:13am
42.Jaya (Abu Dhabi)2350/Dec 4, 10:32pm
43.KDS Prakash (Bhopal)2336/Dec 7, 9:37am
44.Aby (Dubai)2272/Dec 4, 11:27am
45.AAP (Yonkers)2230/Dec 7, 4:08am
46.Jaya (Abu Dhabi)2206/Dec 4, 10:45pm
47.AAP (Yonkers)2192/Dec 7, 4:19am
48.sanjay hughes (New Delhi)2181/Dec 7, 4:38am
49.AAP (Yonkers)2153/Dec 7, 4:43am
50.Sanjay Hughes (New Delhi)2145/Dec 7, 8:32am