Do I speak these things according to the ways of men? Or doesn't the law also say the same thing?
(1 Co 9:8)


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Do I speak these things according to the ways of men? Or doesn't the law also say the same thing?
(1 Co 9:8)

Bible Quiz Toplist for February 2020

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Shaun (Sydney)408501Feb 22, 6:59am
2.Shaun (Sydney)530461Feb 22, 6:54am
3.rolly virtus (Daet)711389Feb 22, 5:49am
4.rolly virtus (Daet)217252Feb 22, 5:43am
5.P.Nagraju (Gorakhpur)902314Feb 22, 4:34am
6.GLO (Dar es Salaam)875326Feb 22, 4:25am
7.P.Nagraju (Gorakhpur)143584Feb 22, 4:08am
8.GLO (Dar es Salaam)1468150Feb 22, 3:31am
9.GLO (Dar es Salaam)188386Feb 22, 2:26am
10.Richard (Palmdale)201370Feb 22, 12:31am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.Alex Mattathil Linz (Palackattumala)4906/Feb 16, 7:31am
2.marty lee (East Hartford)4819/Feb 3, 1:43pm
3.Alex Mattathil Linz (Palackattumala)4767/Feb 16, 7:13am
4.lee (East Hartford)4735/Feb 21, 12:08pm
5.lee (Bridgeport)4729/Feb 20, 11:56am
6.marty lee (East Hartford)4582/Feb 11, 3:32pm
7.marty (East Hartford)4412/Feb 1, 11:14am
8.lee (Bridgeport)3992/Feb 20, 11:57am
9.Alex Mattathil Linz (Palackattumala)3756/Feb 1, 4:02am
10.marty (East Hartford)3690/Feb 1, 10:59am
11.Pete (Maidenhead)3417/Feb 3, 9:36pm
12.Pete (Maidenhead)3389/Feb 5, 1:30am
13.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)3356/Feb 3, 10:05pm
14.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)3205/Feb 18, 10:22pm
15.Pete (Maidenhead)3020/Feb 3, 9:23pm
16.Kruno (Vienna)2983/Feb 3, 12:58pm
17.Pete (Maidenhead)2965/Feb 3, 9:27pm
18.Pete (Maidenhead)2940/Feb 3, 9:16pm
19.Pete (Maidenhead)2930/Feb 3, 9:17pm
20.Kruno (Vienna)2923/Feb 15, 2:01pm
21.Pete (Maidenhead)2889/Feb 3, 9:11pm
22.GARY (Huntington Beach)2875/Feb 21, 1:15am
23.Pete (Maidenhead)2858/Feb 3, 9:08pm
24.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2851/Feb 15, 8:28pm
25.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2801/Feb 13, 10:21pm
26.Kruno (Vienna)2768/Feb 19, 10:06am
27.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2736/Feb 16, 9:32pm
28.drb (Chicago Ridge)2728/Feb 14, 2:19am
29.Nate Bartelt (South Milwaukee)2709/Feb 8, 12:32pm
30.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2701/Feb 6, 10:05pm
31.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2688/Feb 11, 8:51pm
32.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2672/Feb 21, 9:31pm
33.Gabriel (Shah Alam)2570/Feb 20, 11:31pm
34.Pete (Maidenhead)2520/Feb 3, 9:19pm
35.Kruno (Vienna)2466/Feb 15, 1:50pm
36.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2446/Feb 4, 10:03pm
37.Mahilalayam Trust (Bangalore)2431/Feb 14, 3:26am
38.Gab (Shah Alam)2412/Feb 5, 1:36am
39.Pete (Maidenhead)2389/Feb 3, 9:29pm
40.Kruno (Vienna)2378/Feb 13, 11:19am
41.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2343/Feb 9, 10:08pm
42.Nate Bartelt (South Milwaukee)2323/Feb 15, 10:18pm
43.GLO (Dar es Salaam)2309/Feb 19, 8:14am
44.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2304/Jan 31, 10:06pm
45.Kruno (Vienna)2291/Feb 14, 7:38am
46.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2262/Feb 4, 10:02pm
47.GLO (Dar es Salaam)2256/Feb 12, 12:49am
48.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2255/Feb 3, 10:03pm
49.GLO (Dar es Salaam)2252/Feb 6, 7:27am
50.Peter Rizzo (Homestead)2246/Feb 8, 11:20pm