They stayed there with the disciples for a long time.
(Act 14:28)


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They stayed there with the disciples for a long time.
(Act 14:28)

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Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.SHYNA (Manama)2348147Jul 22, 9:24am
2.SHYNA (Manama)1991232Jul 22, 9:21am
3.SHYNA (Manama)1799281Jul 22, 9:16am
4.sanjay hughes (Gurgaon)2160184Jul 22, 5:02am
5.Silvya (Chennai)232856Jul 22, 4:23am
6.Diogo (Cuncolim)2446129Jul 22, 3:41am
7.Diogo (Cuncolim)2082206Jul 22, 3:33am
8.Diogo (Cuncolim)1688305Jul 22, 3:26am
9.Peter Rizzo (Miami)277770Jul 22, 2:19am
10.Peter Rizzo (Miami)1858267Jul 22, 2:17am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.Alex Mattathil (Wels)6044/Jul 14, 3:13pm
2.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5912/Jul 17, 4:15pm
3.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5777/Jul 14, 3:08pm
4.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5770/Jul 14, 2:33pm
5.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5662/Jul 14, 12:27pm
6.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5641/Jul 14, 3:03pm
7.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5547/Jul 14, 2:58pm
8.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5519/Jul 14, 2:45pm
9.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5504/Jul 8, 7:45am
10.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5438/Jul 8, 7:50am
11.Alex Mattathil (Wels)5277/Jul 14, 12:07pm
12.lee (New Haven)4761/Jul 11, 2:45pm
13.lee (New Haven)4576/Jul 9, 11:50am
14.lee (Northampton)4525/Jul 19, 4:56pm
15.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4437/Jul 8, 7:41am
16.lee (Bridgeport)4413/Jul 6, 10:18am
17.lee (Bridgeport)4291/Jul 3, 10:37am
18.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4193/Jul 8, 7:37am
19.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4112/Jul 17, 4:20pm
20.lee (Bridgeport)3469/Jul 3, 10:35am
21.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3303/Jul 20, 4:42am
22.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3216/Jul 20, 2:58am
23.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3196/Jul 19, 11:31am
24.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3183/Jul 20, 8:01am
25.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3181/Jul 20, 11:17am
26.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)3166/Jul 18, 1:58am
27.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3146/Jul 19, 10:44am
28.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3141/Jul 20, 8:16am
29.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3137/Jul 20, 2:55am
30.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3137/Jul 20, 4:54am
31.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3135/Jul 20, 4:18am
32.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3131/Jul 19, 10:18am
33.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3111/Jul 19, 10:04am
34.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3107/Jul 19, 10:14am
35.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3103/Jul 18, 10:37am
36.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3101/Jul 19, 11:55am
37.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3099/Jul 20, 4:58am
38.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3086/Jul 18, 11:27am
39.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3079/Jul 19, 8:14am
40.Anna John (Oyster Bay)3069/Jul 17, 9:29pm
41.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3065/Jul 18, 11:05am
42.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3064/Jul 20, 3:10am
43.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3062/Jul 20, 12:18pm
44.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3048/Jul 20, 2:10am
45.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3046/Jul 20, 4:47am
46.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3022/Jul 18, 8:45am
47.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3010/Jul 18, 10:26am
48.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)3004/Jul 19, 11:46am
49.Anna John (Oyster Bay)2998/Jul 2, 7:04pm
50.sandeep bathula (Vishakhapatnam)2990/Jul 20, 7:54am