God is in her midst. She shall not be moved. God will help her at dawn.
(Psa 46:5)


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God is in her midst. She shall not be moved. God will help her at dawn.
(Psa 46:5)

Bible Quiz Toplist for February 2018

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Dennies (Coimbatore)222486Feb 18, 11:05pm
2.Jvsj (Chennai)1104264Feb 18, 10:40pm
3.AAP (Yonkers)1695153Feb 18, 10:16pm
4.AAP (Yonkers)1120263Feb 18, 10:07pm
5.Mississippi (Tampa)1837127Feb 18, 8:58pm
6.Raiders (Tampa)1497183Feb 18, 8:52pm
7.peter (Ocker Hill)341354Feb 18, 5:17pm
8.peter (Ocker Hill)335858Feb 18, 5:07pm
9.peter (Ocker Hill)1755145Feb 18, 5:03pm
10.Wouter (Johannesburg)745341Feb 18, 4:04pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.edelweiss alex (New Haven)4833/Feb 2, 10:42am
2.lee (New Haven)4805/Feb 16, 10:10am
3.lee (New Haven)4794/Feb 16, 11:59am
4.lee (New Haven)4783/Feb 8, 10:40am
5.lee (New Haven)4775/Feb 13, 12:28pm
6.lee (New Haven)4760/Feb 6, 12:34pm
7.lee (New Haven)4756/Feb 16, 11:42am
8.lee (New Haven)4748/Feb 13, 10:12am
9.lee (New Haven)4738/Feb 16, 11:54am
10.lee (New Haven)4721/Feb 13, 2:06pm
11.lee (New Haven)4715/Feb 13, 2:17pm
12.lee (New Haven)4714/Feb 13, 2:18pm
13.lee (New Haven)4680/Feb 7, 11:11am
14.lee (New Haven)4664/Feb 16, 11:31am
15.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4646/Feb 15, 1:28pm
16.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4635/Feb 15, 1:21pm
17.lee (Bridgeport)4632/Feb 14, 1:58pm
18.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4620/Feb 17, 1:00pm
19.lee (New Haven)4614/Feb 5, 12:15pm
20.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4613/Feb 13, 10:29am
21.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4612/Feb 15, 1:18pm
22.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4609/Feb 11, 9:25am
23.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4601/Feb 13, 10:11am
24.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4600/Feb 18, 1:23pm
25.Alex Mattathil Rang2today (Wels)4583/Feb 4, 7:54am
26.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4581/Feb 5, 9:57am
27.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4580/Feb 3, 8:42am
28.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4573/Feb 16, 10:17am
29.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4569/Feb 18, 1:17pm
30.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4567/Feb 1, 12:42pm
31.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4562/Feb 17, 1:52pm
32.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4556/Feb 2, 2:04pm
33.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4556/Feb 16, 10:05am
34.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4544/Feb 3, 8:33am
35.lee (New Haven)4529/Feb 2, 10:33am
36.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4515/Feb 5, 10:01am
37.lee (New Haven)4490/Feb 1, 11:19am
38.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4482/Feb 17, 1:46pm
39.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4481/Feb 6, 12:02pm
40.lee (New Haven)4449/Feb 17, 3:42pm
41.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4432/Feb 7, 2:01pm
42.Alex Mattathil (Wels)4393/Feb 4, 7:44am
43.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3968/Feb 3, 8:47am
44.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3931/Feb 14, 2:30pm
45.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3915/Feb 14, 2:33pm
46.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3898/Feb 7, 2:05pm
47.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3880/Feb 13, 10:19am
48.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3848/Feb 17, 1:31pm
49.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3831/Feb 4, 8:01am
50.lee (New Haven)3828/Feb 6, 12:33pm