Where then does wisdom come from? Where is the place of understanding?
(Job 28:20)


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Where then does wisdom come from? Where is the place of understanding?
(Job 28:20)

Bible Quiz Toplist for January 2022

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)43408Jan 26, 12:12pm
2.Peter (Gosport)377813Jan 26, 11:54am
3.Peter (Gosport)358428Jan 26, 11:53am
4.Peter (Gosport)3177107Jan 26, 11:31am
5.Peter (Gosport)2619145Jan 26, 11:29am
6.Peter (Gosport)356964Jan 26, 11:28am
7.glo (Dar es Salaam)2347164Jan 26, 8:18am
8.Racheal Averly Da Costa (Pune)1521240Jan 26, 2:31am
9.Racheal Averly Da Costa (Chinchvad)1098293Jan 26, 1:30am
10.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1888199Jan 26, 1:15am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4512/Jan 8, 11:26am
2.lee (East Hartford)4495/Jan 18, 1:47pm
3.lee (East Hartford)4486/Jan 24, 11:46am
4.lee (East Hartford)4468/Jan 3, 10:39am
5.lee (East Hartford)4450/Jan 24, 11:32am
6.lee (East Hartford)4430/Jan 12, 12:10pm
7.lee (East Hartford)4372/Jan 8, 10:49am
8.lee (East Hartford)4340/Jan 26, 12:12pm
9.lee (East Hartford)4310/Jan 15, 10:57am
10.lee (East Hartford)4298/Jan 6, 11:03am
11.Peter (Gosport)3788/Jan 6, 6:22pm
12.Peter (Newton Aycliffe)3783/Jan 9, 9:38pm
13.Peter (Gosport)3778/Jan 26, 11:54am
14.Peter (London)3778/Jan 10, 7:17pm
15.Peter (Gosport)3762/Jan 1, 8:10pm
16.Peter (Warrington)3760/Jan 19, 7:50pm
17.Peter (Gosport)3759/Jan 5, 6:42pm
18.Peter (Newton Aycliffe)3758/Jan 9, 11:37pm
19.Peter (Belfast)3758/Jan 23, 4:48am
20.Peter (London)3755/Jan 10, 7:25pm
21.lee (East Hartford)3746/Jan 3, 10:38am
22.Peter (Warrington)3746/Jan 19, 7:46pm
23.Peter (Gosport)3744/Jan 1, 8:06pm
24.Peter (London)3733/Jan 10, 7:30pm
25.lee (East Hartford)3726/Jan 15, 10:42am
26.Peter (London)3720/Jan 2, 9:59pm
27.Peter (Warrington)3714/Jan 18, 7:33pm
28.Peter (Belfast)3711/Jan 23, 4:40am
29.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3698/Jan 9, 1:01am
30.Peter (Edinburgh)3697/Jan 20, 9:10pm
31.Peter (Warrington)3685/Jan 17, 7:52pm
32.Peter (Nuneaton)3682/Jan 15, 5:06pm
33.Peter (Warrington)3682/Jan 19, 7:38pm
34.Peter (Gosport)3680/Jan 5, 6:58pm
35.Peter (Nuneaton)3679/Jan 15, 5:07pm
36.Peter (London)3674/Jan 11, 1:55pm
37.Peter (Warrington)3666/Jan 20, 1:16am
38.Peter (Edinburgh)3661/Jan 20, 9:09pm
39.Peter (Gosport)3657/Jan 1, 8:11pm
40.Peter (Gosport)3657/Jan 5, 6:55pm
41.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3645/Jan 1, 11:10pm
42.Peter (Warrington)3645/Jan 20, 1:19am
43.Peter (Gosport)3644/Jan 1, 9:08am
44.Peter (London)3635/Jan 13, 1:47am
45.Peter (London)3633/Jan 13, 1:56am
46.Peter (Newton Aycliffe)3629/Jan 9, 5:20pm
47.Peter (Gosport)3617/Jan 5, 7:15pm
48.Peter (Gosport)3617/Jan 6, 6:20pm
49.Peter (Gosport)3617/Jan 8, 7:39pm
50.Peter (Edinburgh)3598/Jan 21, 6:43pm