That he would overthrow their seed among the nations, and scatter them in the lands.
(Psa 106:27)


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That he would overthrow their seed among the nations, and scatter them in the lands.
(Psa 106:27)

Bible Quiz Toplist for March 2023

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Peter J Rizzo (Miami)1504188Mar 29, 4:48pm
2.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1817155Mar 29, 2:30pm
3.lee (East Hartford)42439Mar 29, 11:55am
4.lee (East Hartford)43316Mar 29, 11:49am
5.Mary (Westerville)873284Mar 29, 10:09am
6.Herman (Rocky Mount)569333Mar 29, 7:21am
7.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1482194Mar 28, 10:27pm
8.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1775164Mar 28, 10:23pm
9.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)617320Mar 28, 10:20pm
10.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1791162Mar 28, 10:16pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4646/Mar 3, 11:03am
2.lee (East Hartford)4447/Mar 24, 10:25am
3.lee (East Hartford)4404/Mar 3, 10:40am
4.lee (East Hartford)4402/Mar 7, 10:48am
5.lee (East Hartford)4363/Mar 27, 10:52am
6.lee (East Hartford)4331/Mar 29, 11:49am
7.lee (East Hartford)4328/Mar 27, 10:43am
8.lee (East Hartford)4321/Mar 15, 9:50am
9.lee (East Hartford)4243/Mar 29, 11:55am
10.lee (East Hartford)4215/Mar 21, 9:51am
11.lee (East Hartford)4145/Mar 24, 10:23am
12.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3888/Mar 14, 12:08am
13.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3848/Mar 10, 10:49am
14.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3801/Mar 12, 1:32pm
15.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3788/Mar 14, 12:54pm
16.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3755/Mar 6, 12:26am
17.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3750/Mar 12, 10:54pm
18.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3747/Mar 9, 1:26am
19.Pete (Lowestoft)3682/Mar 6, 5:08pm
20.bujimsnark (North Little Rock)3680/Mar 10, 9:54am
21.Pete (Lowestoft)3678/Mar 23, 5:34pm
22.Pete (Middleton One Row)3673/Mar 18, 6:23pm
23.lee (East Hartford)3664/Mar 15, 9:34am
24.Pete (London)3663/Mar 26, 6:02pm
25.Pete (Chesterfield)3638/Mar 12, 6:39pm
26.Pete (Lowestoft)3634/Mar 8, 12:57pm
27.Pete (Chesterfield)3614/Mar 10, 3:22pm
28.Pete (Lowestoft)3613/Mar 22, 8:16pm
29.Pete (Middleton One Row)3609/Mar 16, 7:50pm
30.Pete (London)3602/Mar 25, 4:33pm
31.Pete (Lowestoft)3596/Mar 8, 6:23pm
32.Pete (Lowestoft)3593/Mar 22, 8:22pm
33.Pete (London)3589/Mar 26, 6:04pm
34.Pete (Lowestoft)3588/Mar 22, 7:59pm
35.Pete (Chesterfield)3585/Mar 11, 6:35pm
36.Pete (London)3585/Mar 24, 2:28pm
37.Pete (Lowestoft)3582/Mar 15, 2:43pm
38.Pete (Middleton One Row)3581/Mar 18, 6:21pm
39.Pete (London)3578/Mar 20, 7:50pm
40.Pete (Lowestoft)3577/Mar 22, 8:07pm
41.Pete (Chesterfield)3575/Mar 12, 6:36pm
42.Pete (Lowestoft)3574/Mar 8, 6:16pm
43.Pete (High Barnet)3573/Mar 2, 12:51pm
44.Pete (Lowestoft)3563/Mar 15, 2:41pm
45.Pete (High Barnet)3555/Mar 5, 4:31pm
46.Pete (Chesterfield)3546/Mar 11, 6:30pm
47.Pete (Lowestoft)3538/Mar 8, 6:13pm
48.Pete (Lowestoft)3529/Mar 8, 12:56pm
49.Pete (Middleton One Row)3528/Mar 17, 2:26pm
50.Pete (Lowestoft)3528/Mar 8, 6:09pm