All of your words are truth. Every one of your righteous ordinances endures forever.
(Psa 119:160)


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All of your words are truth. Every one of your righteous ordinances endures forever.
(Psa 119:160)

Bible Quiz Toplist for July 2020

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.GARY (Huntington Beach)183222Jul 2, 2:10am
2.GARY (Huntington Beach)79163Jul 2, 2:08am
3.GARY (Huntington Beach)148135Jul 2, 2:06am
4.GARY (Huntington Beach)122443Jul 2, 2:03am
5.Kez (Irvine)49477Jul 2, 12:49am
6.gabby (Shah Alam)248516Jul 2, 12:35am
7.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)266213Jul 1, 11:34pm
8.Daniel Lima (Santos)70370Jul 1, 11:20pm
9.Daniel Lima (Santos)162128Jul 1, 11:15pm
10.Daniel Lima (Santos)128239Jul 1, 11:03pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee rose out of the grave (East Hartford)4294/Jul 1, 12:29pm
2.lee is back (East Hartford)4032/Jul 1, 12:26pm
3.Pete (London)3749/Jun 30, 7:39pm
4.Pete (London)3745/Jun 30, 7:34pm
5.Pete (London)3537/Jun 30, 7:27pm
6.Pete (London)3510/Jun 30, 7:24pm
7.Pete (London)3509/Jul 1, 5:24pm
8.Pete (London)3466/Jul 1, 5:28pm
9.Pete (London)3022/Jun 30, 7:36pm
10.Pete (London)2776/Jul 1, 5:16pm
11.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)2770/Jun 30, 10:38pm
12.Gabr (Shah Alam)2679/Jul 1, 6:09am
13.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)2662/Jul 1, 11:34pm
14.Pete (London)2661/Jul 1, 5:19pm
15.Pete (London)2512/Jun 30, 7:48pm
16.gabby (Shah Alam)2485/Jul 2, 12:35am
17.Pete (London)2391/Jul 1, 5:18pm
18.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)2318/Jun 30, 10:32pm
19.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)2246/Jun 30, 10:37pm
20.Pete (London)2068/Jul 1, 5:22pm
21.Pete (London)1925/Jul 1, 5:26pm
22.GARY (Huntington Beach)1832/Jul 2, 2:10am
23.Peter Rizzo (Pompano Beach)1791/Jun 30, 10:35pm
24.Pete (London)1769/Jun 30, 7:32pm
25.GARY (Huntington Beach)1760/Jun 30, 9:25pm
26.shai (Dubai)1715/Jul 1, 6:54am
27.Pete (London)1697/Jul 1, 5:14pm
28.Daniel Lima (Santos)1621/Jul 1, 11:15pm
29.Pete (London)1532/Jun 30, 7:42pm
30.Pete (London)1529/Jun 30, 7:31pm
31.shai (Dubai)1510/Jul 1, 6:37am
32.Pete (London)1492/Jul 1, 5:08pm
33.Pete (London)1489/Jun 30, 7:45pm
34.Pete (London)1483/Jun 30, 7:43pm
35.GARY (Huntington Beach)1481/Jul 2, 2:06am
36.GARY (Huntington Beach)1457/Jun 30, 10:00pm
37.GARY (Huntington Beach)1447/Jun 30, 10:36pm
38.shai (Dubai)1364/Jul 1, 5:59am
39.Daniel Lima (Santos)1282/Jul 1, 11:03pm
40.shai (Dubai)1263/Jul 1, 3:10am
41.jayakar G (Guntur)1240/Jul 1, 6:07am
42.shai (Dubai)1225/Jul 1, 6:39am
43.GARY (Huntington Beach)1224/Jul 2, 2:03am
44.shai (Dubai)1213/Jul 1, 3:05am
45.shai (Dubai)1198/Jul 1, 6:02am
46.shai (Dubai)1178/Jul 1, 3:12am
47.Pete (London)1178/Jul 1, 5:11pm
48.Pete (London)1167/Jul 1, 5:12pm
49.Pete (London)1163/Jun 30, 7:38pm
50.Pete (London)1158/Jun 30, 7:21pm