Of Kish; the sons of Kish: Jerahmeel.
(1 Ch 24:29)


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Of Kish; the sons of Kish: Jerahmeel.
(1 Ch 24:29)

Bible Quiz Toplist for April 2017

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.D.CHRISTOPHER (Hyderabad)1068629Apr 26, 5:08am
2.RAMANI (Mumbai)252190Apr 26, 3:39am
3.RJ24 (Bangalore)570897Apr 26, 3:10am
4.peter (Bangor)327439Apr 25, 7:23pm
5.peter (Bangor)285462Apr 25, 7:18pm
6.peter (Horsham)325441Apr 25, 6:52pm
7.Justine S Kumedzro (Bedminster)713816Apr 25, 2:04pm
8.Justine S Kumedzro (Bedminster)412989Apr 25, 1:57pm
9.ALEX MATTATHIL (Wels)1167550Apr 25, 1:09pm
10.Alex Mattathil (Wels)1664329Apr 25, 1:03pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4813/Apr 15, 11:17am
2.lee (New Haven)4813/Apr 22, 11:28am
3.lee (New Haven)4778/Apr 25, 11:37am
4.lee (New Haven)4767/Apr 20, 11:17am
5.lee (New Haven)4754/Apr 21, 12:52pm
6.lee (New Haven)4737/Apr 20, 12:15pm
7.lee (New Haven)4735/Apr 20, 11:45am
8.lee (New Haven)4725/Apr 22, 11:14am
9.lee (New Haven)4716/Apr 8, 11:41am
10.lee (New Haven)4704/Apr 20, 12:07pm
11.lee (New Haven)4689/Apr 11, 11:53am
12.lee (New Haven)4682/Apr 1, 11:59am
13.lee (New Haven)4664/Apr 18, 3:08pm
14.lee (New Haven)4664/Apr 24, 11:19am
15.lee (New Haven)4658/Apr 21, 12:29pm
16.lee (New Haven)4649/Apr 15, 4:39pm
17.lee (New Haven)4636/Apr 25, 11:28am
18.lee (Hartford)4600/Apr 19, 11:34am
19.lee (Hartford)4579/Apr 14, 12:08pm
20.lee (New Haven)4576/Apr 15, 11:37am
21.lee (New Haven)4545/Apr 13, 3:23pm
22.lee (New Haven)4542/Apr 8, 5:32pm
23.lee (New Haven)4538/Apr 5, 12:15pm
24.lee (Hartford)4504/Apr 19, 12:09pm
25.lee (New Haven)4459/Apr 11, 11:58am
26.lee (New Haven)4456/Apr 11, 11:36am
27.the one and only Lee (New Haven)4406/Apr 1, 11:35am
28.lee (New Haven)3867/Apr 5, 11:55am
29.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3564/Apr 9, 2:51am
30.pete (Letchworth)3461/Apr 7, 11:03pm
31.peter (London)3416/Apr 11, 4:43pm
32.peter (Baguley)3402/Apr 19, 5:02pm
33.pete (Letchworth)3320/Apr 7, 10:54pm
34.peter (Baguley)3310/Apr 19, 4:59pm
35.peter (London)3305/Apr 11, 6:15pm
36.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3291/Apr 16, 1:13pm
37.peter (Horsham)3287/Apr 24, 3:32pm
38.peter (London)3274/Apr 11, 5:14pm
39.peter (Bangor)3274/Apr 25, 7:23pm
40.peter (Horsham)3259/Apr 24, 3:13pm
41.peter (Horsham)3254/Apr 25, 6:52pm
42.peter (Horsham)3244/Apr 24, 3:39pm
43.peter (Warrington)3212/Apr 3, 10:16pm
44.peter (Baguley)3155/Apr 19, 4:53pm
45.peter (London)3117/Apr 11, 5:12pm
46.peter (London)3093/Apr 15, 4:27pm
47.peter (Warrington)3070/Apr 3, 9:43pm
48.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3025/Apr 15, 8:32am
49.Alex Mattathil the winner (Wels)3012/Apr 12, 8:28am
50.Alex Mattathil (Wels)3002/Apr 9, 7:41am