The lotuses cover him with their shade. The willows of the brook surround him.
(Job 40:22)


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The lotuses cover him with their shade. The willows of the brook surround him.
(Job 40:22)

Bible Quiz Toplist for March 2019

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.Mrinmoy (Kolkata)701514Mar 20, 10:42am
2.Ezekiel (Lagos)154731Mar 20, 10:41am
3.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)770467Mar 20, 9:51am
4.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)607569Mar 20, 9:45am
5.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)466647Mar 20, 9:39am
6.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)41738Mar 20, 9:31am
7.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)395685Mar 20, 9:26am
8.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)452654Mar 20, 9:04am
9.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)662536Mar 20, 8:49am
10.Steve Leslie (Cincinnati)195724Mar 20, 8:43am

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (Shelton)5032/Mar 8, 2:48pm
2.old lee (Hartford)5014/Mar 18, 5:38pm
3.lee (Hartford)5012/Mar 17, 4:16pm
4.lee (Shelton)4969/Mar 5, 4:59pm
5.lee (Hartford)4895/Mar 3, 5:34pm
6.big preacher (Bridgeport)4894/Mar 1, 12:02pm
7.jacka--es can t stump me (Hartford)4852/Mar 18, 3:43pm
8.lee (Hartford)4799/Mar 15, 2:39pm
9.lee (Hartford)4155/Mar 7, 4:39pm
10.peter (Annfield Plain)3365/Mar 14, 8:58pm
11.peter (Annfield Plain)3309/Mar 14, 8:53pm
12.Peter Rizzo (Miami)3164/Mar 3, 1:23am
13.Santhi (Sathupalli)3137/Mar 14, 6:43am
14.sanjay hughes (Noida)3060/Mar 7, 9:21am
15.sanjay hughes (Noida)3009/Mar 15, 1:22am
16.sanjay hughes (Noida)2928/Mar 10, 5:57am
17.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2896/Mar 14, 1:51am
18.frr (Hartford)2891/Mar 18, 4:32pm
19.peter (Annfield Plain)2859/Mar 14, 9:01pm
20.christy (Delhi)2828/Mar 14, 2:51am
21.Sigy Joseph (Chennai)2707/Mar 4, 3:26am
22.christy (Delhi)2693/Mar 14, 2:32am
23.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)2686/Mar 3, 12:06am
24.Raiders (Belle Glade)2679/Feb 28, 7:49pm
25.Mississippi (Lakewood)2657/Mar 12, 9:18pm
26.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2645/Mar 19, 4:47am
27.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2642/Mar 7, 1:48am
28.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2632/Mar 11, 11:59pm
29.christy (Delhi)2630/Mar 14, 2:57am
30.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2591/Mar 17, 1:57am
31.San (Sathupalli)2589/Mar 14, 6:53am
32.peter (Bournemouth)2570/Mar 10, 9:44pm
33.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2564/Mar 13, 2:29am
34.Grace B. (Fredericksburg)2561/Mar 19, 8:46am
35.Wouter (Volksrust)2506/Mar 16, 11:00am
36.sanjay hughes (Noida)2421/Mar 4, 1:24am
37.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)2410/Mar 10, 7:51pm
38.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2399/Mar 17, 1:59am
39.Mississippi (Miami)2396/Mar 1, 10:51pm
40.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2380/Mar 4, 1:01am
41.Peter Rizzo (Miami)2355/Mar 7, 1:50am
42.Mississippi (Lexington)2351/Mar 18, 3:01pm
43.Richard (Bakersfield)2342/Mar 15, 10:43pm
44.Raiders (Miami)2336/Mar 8, 10:11pm
45.Mississippi (Miami)2334/Mar 9, 11:00pm
46.Mississippi (Miami)2332/Mar 7, 11:08pm
47.Richard Distan (Salt Lake City)2300/Mar 9, 7:57pm
48.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)2292/Mar 7, 5:14pm
49.Sigy Joseph (Chennai)2281/Mar 4, 4:17am
50.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)2264/Mar 4, 6:12pm