I have therefore my boasting in Christ Jesus in things pertaining to God.
(Rom 15:17)


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I have therefore my boasting in Christ Jesus in things pertaining to God.
(Rom 15:17)

Bible Quiz Toplist for September 2023

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)2245291Sep 24, 9:15pm
2.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1825335Sep 24, 9:13pm
3.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)899489Sep 24, 9:09pm
4.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1077448Sep 22, 11:14pm
5.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1510376Sep 22, 11:07pm
6.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)1153439Sep 22, 10:58pm
7.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)2536271Sep 22, 10:45pm
8.Peter J Rizzo (Fort Lauderdale)1808338Sep 22, 7:57pm
9.drb (Chicago)2502279Sep 22, 7:27pm
10.drb (Chicago)1860329Sep 22, 7:23pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (East Hartford)4745/Sep 7, 11:13am
2.lee (East Hartford)4693/Sep 13, 11:24am
3.lee (East Hartford)4677/Sep 7, 11:24am
4.lee (East Hartford)4613/Sep 9, 11:18am
5.lee (East Hartford)4590/Sep 13, 10:41am
6.lee (East Hartford)4551/Sep 1, 11:13am
7.lee (East Hartford)4541/Sep 15, 11:15am
8.lee (East Hartford)4534/Sep 5, 11:46am
9.lee (East Hartford)4532/Sep 5, 11:51am
10.lee (East Hartford)4522/Sep 1, 10:59am
11.lee (East Hartford)4447/Sep 22, 10:44am
12.bujimsnark (Russellville)3893/Sep 11, 1:20pm
13.lee (East Hartford)3887/Sep 15, 11:07am
14.lee (East Hartford)3880/Sep 9, 11:11am
15.Pete (Distington)3874/Sep 19, 4:11pm
16.bujimsnark (Paris)3826/Sep 12, 12:16pm
17.Pete (Distington)3825/Sep 19, 11:14pm
18.bujimsnark (Russellville)3812/Sep 7, 6:21pm
19.Pete (Jonesborough)3812/Sep 1, 10:58am
20.bujimsnark (Russellville)3802/Sep 8, 5:11pm
21.Pete (Distington)3793/Sep 20, 2:59pm
22.Pete (Distington)3780/Sep 19, 11:19pm
23.bujimsnark (Russellville)3769/Sep 9, 12:55am
24.Pete (Distington)3756/Sep 20, 2:57pm
25.Pete (Lincoln)3744/Sep 11, 3:07pm
26.Pete (Distington)3743/Sep 18, 6:42pm
27.Pete (Distington)3739/Sep 19, 4:09pm
28.Pete (Jonesborough)3736/Sep 3, 11:02pm
29.bujimsnark (Paris)3733/Sep 13, 12:34pm
30.Pete (Lincoln)3725/Sep 11, 9:57pm
31.Pete (Lincoln)3719/Sep 11, 9:55pm
32.Pete (Mount Pleasant)3716/Sep 6, 7:57pm
33.Pete (Filey)3714/Sep 16, 4:33pm
34.Pete (Jonesborough)3708/Sep 2, 4:19pm
35.Pete (Lincoln)3706/Sep 11, 9:52pm
36.Pete (Lincoln)3689/Sep 8, 4:07pm
37.Pete (Jonesborough)3689/Sep 3, 4:50pm
38.Pete (Lincoln)3683/Sep 11, 3:21pm
39.Pete (Lincoln)3681/Sep 11, 3:04pm
40.Pete (Jonesborough)3681/Sep 2, 4:15pm
41.Pete (Filey)3679/Sep 14, 8:58pm
42.Pete (Lincoln)3678/Sep 9, 8:26pm
43.Pete (Lincoln)3669/Sep 9, 12:56pm
44.Pete (Distington)3668/Sep 18, 6:36pm
45.Pete (Filey)3663/Sep 14, 8:56pm
46.Pete (Distington)3660/Sep 19, 4:02pm
47.Pete (Jonesborough)3659/Aug 31, 9:07pm
48.Pete (Lincoln)3656/Sep 12, 3:00pm
49.Pete (Jonesborough)3655/Sep 1, 10:55am
50.Pete (Jonesborough)3655/Sep 3, 11:08pm