He gave also their increase to the caterpillar, and their labor to the locust.
(Psa 78:46)


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He gave also their increase to the caterpillar, and their labor to the locust.
(Psa 78:46)

Bible Quiz Toplist for June 2021

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Last 10 contestants

Nr. NamePoints PositionDateMore
1.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)222390Jun 22, 1:36pm
2.kln (Portland)686337Jun 22, 1:33pm
3.kln (Portland)799302Jun 22, 1:14pm
4.kln (Portland)1051249Jun 22, 12:47pm
5.glo (Dar es Salaam)242677Jun 22, 8:52am
6.Precious isreal Christian (Maiduguri)311412Jun 22, 7:50am
7.Olabiyi Tosin Abike (Maiduguri)1028255Jun 22, 7:40am
8.Olabiyi Tosin Abike (Maiduguri)294417Jun 22, 7:33am
9.Olabiyi tosin (Lagos)660342Jun 22, 3:32am
10.Arthur Thangiah (Mumbai)1811125Jun 21, 9:46pm

Best contestants

Nr. NamePoints PrizeDateMore
1.lee (New Haven)4651/Jun 12, 11:23am
2.lee (Bridgeport)4587/Jun 16, 10:31am
3.lee (East Hartford)4540/Jun 19, 12:17pm
4.lee (New Haven)4532/Jun 12, 10:11am
5.lee (New Haven)4515/Jun 12, 10:30am
6.lee (East Hartford)4377/Jun 7, 2:22pm
7.lee (Bridgeport)4343/Jun 10, 10:50am
8.lee (East Hartford)4299/Jun 3, 6:12pm
9.lee (East Hartford)4250/Jun 2, 10:24am
10.Pete (Manchester)3784/Jun 8, 8:48pm
11.Pete (Manchester)3728/Jun 11, 12:27am
12.lee (East Hartford)3724/Jun 3, 6:11pm
13.Pete (North Walsham)3717/May 31, 9:20pm
14.Pete (North Walsham)3675/May 31, 9:32pm
15.Pete (North Walsham)3662/May 31, 9:19pm
16.Pete (Manchester)3640/Jun 11, 12:12am
17.Pete (London)3628/Jun 15, 3:59pm
18.Pete (Manchester)3626/Jun 11, 8:54pm
19.Pete (Manchester)3622/Jun 11, 12:24am
20.Pete (Resolven)3595/Jun 19, 8:52am
21.Pete (Manchester)3593/Jun 8, 8:31pm
22.Pete (Edinburgh)3590/Jun 17, 11:08am
23.Pete (North Walsham)3590/May 31, 9:21pm
24.Pete (North Walsham)3568/May 31, 9:46pm
25.Pete (Manchester)3568/Jun 11, 12:09am
26.Pete (Resolven)3564/Jun 20, 8:15pm
27.Pete (Manchester)3555/Jun 8, 8:37pm
28.Pete (London)3554/Jun 13, 7:08pm
29.Pete (Manchester)3539/Jun 21, 11:27am
30.Pete (London)3532/Jun 13, 7:09pm
31.Pete (Edinburgh)3530/Jun 17, 11:07am
32.Pete (London)3510/Jun 3, 6:14pm
33.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3509/Jun 18, 2:39am
34.Pete (Manchester)3487/Jun 7, 6:29pm
35.dst (Muscat)3487/Jun 16, 11:38am
36.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3471/Jun 18, 3:54am
37.Pete (North Walsham)3455/May 31, 9:27pm
38.Pete (Resolven)3455/Jun 20, 8:17pm
39.SANJAY HUGHES (Delhi)3429/Jun 18, 11:42am
40.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3377/Jun 9, 4:11am
41.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3366/Jun 14, 3:31am
42.dst (Muscat)3338/Jun 16, 11:32am
43.SANJAY HUGHES (Delhi)3323/Jun 18, 11:40am
44.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3315/Jun 18, 2:37am
45.SIGY ANTONY JOSEPH (Ernakulam)3296/Jun 18, 12:47pm
46.Pete (London)3205/Jun 15, 3:54pm
47.Pete (North Walsham)3167/May 31, 9:08pm
48.GARY S. (Huntington Beach)3133/Jun 14, 2:28pm
49.Pete (Edinburgh)3106/Jun 17, 11:10am
50.Pete (Manchester)3093/Jun 8, 8:47pm